Our Candied Jalapenos are made by slicing our homegrown Jalapeno Peppers and hard boiling them in a sweet brine of cider vinegar, sugar and a blend of spices. They are canned according to USDA guidelines for a long shelf life so it can be a great gift for those that like a little heat.

Cowboy Candy is a fun nickname for Candied Jalapenos but you don’t have to be tough like a cowboy to eat them though! They are indeed spicy, but the sugar in the recipe tempers the hotness to a warm heat.

Try mixing it with an 8oz pack of cream cheese to create a dip, serve with pretzels and you have an out of this world addicting treat that everyone will love!  They are also great on the obvious hamburgers, hot dogs and nachos but how about as a salad topping? Taco meat? Chili? Let us know how you enjoy them!


Sold in reusable glass mason jars.


Once your order is placed we will contact you promptly to schedule a time for pickup. We will bring your order out to your car when you arrive at the farm. Thank you for your support!



Candied Jalapenos (aka Cowboy Candy)


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