Goose Eggs were out of season as of May 2021 but we are again offering the ability to PREorder for the next laying season!


Details and NO risk terms of PREordering:

  • All orders will be filled in the order of receipt. The season starts off slowly so we recommend that you get your orders in early to ensure that you receive eggs shortly after our girls start back up!
  • Nearly all of our girls start laying in January every year but we have seen a limited Fall laying season the past four years!, starting in September/October. 
  • We cannot guarantee when eggs will be available as it is very dependent on the weather...the cooler the Fall the better the chance for an earlier season. We also want to see many sunny days! We do not use any artificial lighting so it is truly up to Mother Nature.
  • FULL refunds will be given, with no questions asked, if you decide to cancel your order before your eggs are ready to ship. (**orders cannot be cancelled once you receive the email confirmation of shipment)
  • We are only offering pre-orders of Single Jumbo Gift Packs and Half Dozen packs in the off season in order to move through our pre-order list quickly and ensure that all eggs are shipped out super fresh as always. (You do have the ability to order multiple packs but they will be shipped in separate boxes this year!)
  • In our Half Dozen offering you should expect to receive Small (up to 5.4oz), Standard (up to 6.4oz) and Jumbo eggs (6.5+oz). It all depends on what the girls are laying. *We will NOT send you more than 1 small egg per half dozen order! If anything we see our largest eggs early in the season and we will always send the largest eggs available- after our Jumbo Gift packs are filled.
  • In our Single Jumbo Gift Packs you should expect to receive one egg of at least 6.7 ounces but we regularly send out eggs in the 7 and 8 ounce range. A number of lucky customers even received eggs in excess of 9, 10 and an incredible 11 ounces early this past season! *Please understand that we cannot hold orders for those Jumbo XXL eggs. If we have collected one when your order comes up for fulfillment then it's yours!



Why buy from us?

Our Geese free range in pasture & woodlands and get access to our pond regularly so you will find a beautiful rich orange yolk that is full of flavor. We do not medicate, we only raise healthy birds.

Goose eggs are prized by chefs for their extra large creamy yolks and their protein rich whites, making them perfect for making fresh pasta and other homemade dishes. Of course they are just as delicious fried up for a Big Breakfast!

You can use Goose Eggs in any recipe. A good rule of thumb is to use one standard goose egg for every three to four chicken eggs. Knowing that a normal chicken egg measures 1/4 cup is most helpful.


Goose Eggs are:



  • High in Phosphorus, which supports bone health
  • High in Riboflavin
  • Very high in the antioxidant Selenium
  • A great source of protein and healthy fats
  • High in Iron
  • High in Calcium
  • A good source of the antioxidant Lutein
  • Very high in vitamin B

Check out our online store to see reviews from our customers and please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting!

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