FARM PICKUP ONLY FROM PA, please see our other offerings for US shipping

Our STANDARD Goose Egg will weigh at least 5 ounces. Our JUMBO Goose Egg will weigh up to 7 ounces!

You will receive one dozen (12) Fresh Goose Eggs when picked up on the farm, packaged in a six pack for easy storage. 


Once your order is placed we will contact you promptly to schedule a time for pickup. We will bring your order out to your car when you arrive at the farm. Thank you for your support!


Our Geese free range in pasture & woodlands and get access to our pond regularly so you will find a beautiful rich orange yolk that is full of flavor. We do not medicate, we only raise healthy birds.

Goose eggs are prized by chefs for their extra large creamy yolks and their protein rich whites, making them perfect for making fresh pasta and other homemade dishes. Of course they are just as delicious fried up for a Big Breakfast!

You can use Goose Eggs in any recipe. A good rule of thumb is to use one standard goose egg for every three to four chicken eggs. Knowing that a normal chicken egg measures 1/4 cup is most helpful.


Goose Eggs are:





  • High in Phosphorus
  • High in Riboflavin
  • Very high in the antioxidant Selenium
  • A great source of protein and healthy fats
  • High in Iron
  • High in Calcium
  • A good source of the antioxidant Lutein
  • Very high in vitamin B

Our Egg Classifications:
Our Standard Goose Egg will weigh between 5.5 to 6 ounces each

Our Jumbo Goose Egg will weigh at least 6 ounces each, with most in the high 6 oz-low 7oz range....but occasionally 8-9 oz if your timing is right!  We will always send the largest/heaviest available in our Jumbo packs but please note that anything over 9 oz will be sold in our Jumbo Gift Packs because they will not fit in our normal egg shipping foams. *Jumbo eggs are in limited quantities, produced only by our older and heavier Embden & Toulouse geese. Delivery may be delayed, please let us know if you need them by a certain date.

Small Goose Eggs are also available in our discount packs. Each small egg will weigh between 4 to 5 ou