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Apologies, we are not offering Processed Goose this year (2022)

If you have been thinking about doing something unique this year, don't delay, reserve your Farm to Table Goose from us today!
*FARM PICKUP ONLY from South Central PA. Adams County, zip 17304*


Your $40 deposit reserves one fresh whole processed goose for pickup between December 20th-25th.  The balance of $60 will be due then, bringing the total price to $100.
These geese have been raised from goslings right here on our farm. They will spend their entire lives feasting on unsold fresh produce from the weekly farmers markets, enjoying the freedom of grazing on unconfined pastures and fattening themselves up on whole grains that are milled locally and blended by us. (*contains corn, alfalfa grasses, wheat, barley and soy). All of our birds are absolutely free of antibiotics or hormones of any kind, we only raise healthy birds! 
Because of these factors, we won't know the exact size of the birds until they are harvested. Based upon our experience, you can expect a carcass to be an average of 8 pounds, with a range of 7-10lbs.  Please let us know your preference and we will do our best to accommodate!
You will receive your bird, chilled, in a tin roasting pan with some special extras from the bird, as possible! (liver, heart and neck)
As we approach the farm pickup date, we will ask you for preferred pickup date and time. We will email with more details as we approach the holidays.
Thank you for your interest and for supporting our small farm!


Why Goose? There is a world of flavor to be experienced here!

Goose is prized for its tender dark and flavorful meat. It also has the softest fat in its category of animal. Most of the fat on a goose lies under the skin, not marbled within the meat. This fat turns to liquid at 111 degrees Fahrenheit (compared to duck fat, which liquefies at 126 degrees) making it easier to cook. This liquid gold bastes the bird during cooking, helping to keep it moist. The fat is also PERFECT to use for roasting potatoes- simply use a rack to cook your goose so that you're left with lean meat and that delicious fat for later.

If you are looking for a unique recipe, try one of these ideas.

"A goose goes a long way"

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