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NEW Farm Update October 16th 2022

We continue to look for signs to indicate the start of our next Goose Egg laying season...but the girls always leave us guessing! As a result we are not offering preorders this year.  (*If you have not yet, please subscribe to our website by becoming a member.  This will ensure that you receive an email notification when eggs are available again.)

We have seen laying seasons start as early as Sept 30th and as late as Feb 4th, there are many factors at play. We do not use artificial lighting in the barns so we are always looking for plenty of sunshine and cooler temps in the fall to trigger laying instincts. Although it has been an unusually hot summer- our first hard freeze of the fall season is expected overnight tonight, which is a couple weeks ahead of the average. Here is hoping that is a good sign! 

Please check back for updates



Farm Update April 30th 2022

Our Goose Egg laying season is now over for the year.  We expect eggs again in January 2023, if not sooner.  Thank you for your support this year!

Farm Update April 5th 2022

We continue to ship fresh eggs weekly but we are now seeing a downturn in our goose egg laying season. At this point of the season we find that the majority of our eggs are on the smaller size. Please get your orders in soon for the best chance to receive eggs before Easter! 
If you are looking for Jumbo eggs, please understand that there may be a delay in shipment. If you need eggs by a certain date, please include that in your checkout comments. We will reach out if there are any problems with meeting that.

Thank you for your interest and for supporting our small farm!

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