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NEW Farm Update June 2nd 2021

Our spring laying season is over but we are still hard at work on daily maintenance, farm preparations and improvements.....and our birds are hard at work mowing the pasture and enjoying the good life! :-)
Our first cutting of hay is in the loft, the nesting barns are getting their spring makeovers, the new goslings enjoying the fresh spring grass and we are anxiously looking forward to the next laying season!

The biggest change that you will see from us this next season will be in our custom foam packaging. Unfortunately we are experiencing serious supply issues from our foam vendors so it has made us rethink our processes. After a lot of consideration- we decided to invest in materials, tools and time to create our own foams here on the farm!

We ultimately decided to go with a much thicker and more insulating shipping foam. We also made the difficult decision to ship a maximum of 9 eggs per box going forward. We believe that this will provide even more protection from the risks of shipping. Even though breakage was rare, we found that nearly all of our losses last year were in the 1 dozen shipments. Our goal is always zero damage and we hope that you see that in our packaging efforts!

Goose Eggs were out of season as of May 2021 but we are again offering the ability to PREorder for the next laying season, which we hope to see in the early fall!  Please see below. 

This is our off season so these early orders help to keep this labor of love going!

BONUS! The first 25 orders will receive a free handmade Goat Milk & Honey soap!


Farm Update April 25th 2021

Our special packaging foams are in short supply and our daily egg production has slowed down significantly due to the warmer weather.  As a result, all Goose Egg 6 and 12 packs are now listed as Sold Out for immediate shipping

Free US Shipping included on all orders!

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Our Egg Classifications:
Our Standard Goose Egg will weigh between 5.5 to 6 ounces each

Our Jumbo Goose Egg will weigh at least 6 ounces each, with most in the high 6 oz-low 7oz range....but occasionally 8-9 oz if your timing is right!  We will always send the largest/heaviest available in our Jumbo packs but please note that anything over 9 oz will be sold in our Jumbo Gift Packs because they will not fit in our normal egg shipping foams. *Jumbo eggs are in limited quantities, produced only by our older and heavier Embden & Toulouse geese. Delivery may be delayed, please let us know if you need them by a certain date.

Small Goose Eggs are also available in our discount packs. Each small egg will weigh between 4 to 5 ounces. These eggs are mostly produced by our first year geese and they are the perfect size for breakfast, about the size of 2 Duck Eggs.

Can't decide? Try our fun Sampler dozen packs and try all three sizes!

Tufted Toulouse Goose
Tufted Toulouse Goose

Free Range Geese
Free Range Geese

Silver Valley Farms Geese
Silver Valley Farms Geese

Tufted Toulouse Goose
Tufted Toulouse Goose


Goose eggs are a very special seasonal treat and are loved by bakers, prized by Chefs and even sought after by crafters.


  • A typical goose egg weighs about 144 grams but some of our Embden can regularly produce 250+ gram eggs and our all-time farm record is a 12.03 ounce egg with a 12.5 inch circumference and nearly 9 inch diameter!! (from February 2020 that was sent to a customer!)


  • Goose eggs are great for baking! They have a noticeably higher yolk to white ratio and create heavier, moister and denser baked goods. Try them in a sponge cake recipe, it's amazing! 


  • Our Geese are raised on pasture, pond and woodlands and are supplemented with our farm blend of grains. This varied diet creates beautiful orange yolks that are full of flavor!


  •  Goose eggs are collected multiple times daily and are typically available January-June, with Fall laying these past few years. Each Goose will only lay 35 eggs per year on average so they really are a rare seasonal treat! 


  • Goose Eggs contain more nutrients and vitamins than most other eggs!

Goose Eggs are:

  • High in Phosphorus

  • High in Riboflavin

  • Very high in the antioxidant Selenium

  • A great source of protein and healthy fats

  • High in Iron

  • High in Calcium

  • A good source of the antioxidant Lutein

  • Very high in vitamin B

    • Goose eggs give you a 112% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin B12 for every 100 grams, while a duck’s egg can give you 63% RDA. A Chicken Egg comes in even lower at only 33% RDA for every 100g.
      **Keep in mind that our Standard Goose egg weighs an average of approx 155grams!*

    • Also high in panothenic acid, B-12, riboflavin, thiamin, folate, and B-6

  • A goose egg simply has more of vitamins A, B, D, and E


  • Goose eggs are prized by chefs for their extra large creamy yolks and their protein rich whites, making them perfect for making fresh pasta and other homemade dishes.


  • Goose eggs are a good substitute for some folks with chicken egg allergies (as always, confirm with an allergist/doctor if you have egg allergies) 


  • You can use Goose Eggs in any recipe. A good rule of thumb is to use one standard goose egg for every three to four chicken eggs. Knowing that a normal chicken egg measures 1/4 cup is most helpful.


  • Goose egg shells are much harder than chicken egg shells, making them popular with crafters such as Pysanky and Batik. If you are looking for a particular size for craft making please let us know. 


  • Goose eggs are popular with Pregnant Women as they are believed by some to help in fetal development, especially brain and nerve tissue, due to their nutrient rich contents. Eggs are recommended to be fully cooked.


Some recent customer testimonials:

-Thank you for making my 12-days of Christmas present a success. The eggs arrived in great shape and even earlier than expected. We are amazed at the size of the eggs. Thanks again Lawrence 12/2019

-These eggs were fantastic! Of course they are huge, a little hard to crack, but you know all that going in. They are much more similar to duck eggs than chicken eggs. The duck and goose egg whites turn a bright, crystalline white when cooked compared to the more opaque white of chicken eggs. Duck and goose egg whites are also a little stiffer when cooked. But I really like those differences and how the whites have a little lighter taste and different mouth feel. What is the point of buying something different that is not in fact, different? The best part is the yolk of the goose egg. Again, more like duck than chicken but the goose yolk is creamier and has a more savory and slightly earthy taste which I think really makes the experience worth it! Shipping was fast and secure. Going to go to the farm for a pick up next time.

Andrew 1/2020

-The eggs came packaged very well ,no breakage , the yolks are a bright yellow and the flavor was delicious .works great in baking and in omelettes. would recommend to anyone looking for goose eggs.

Michael 1/2020

-The egg came in perfect condition. Couldn’t be happier.

Hien 2/2020

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