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We now have laying hens!

We are now offering laying hens / pullets from our rainbow laying flock!!....for farm pickup from South Central PA, 17304.

These birds were hatched throughout last year from our mixed flock, which consists of both pure and mixed breeds.

The egg picture is a sample of the colors that we get daily (*Note, we cannot guarantee egg color but we can make our best educated guesses for you!)

The base breeds in this flock are Marans (BBS), Ameraucana (BBS), Lavender (self blue) Ameraucana, Easter/Olive Eggers and crosses from all of the above.

$30 each or six for $150

We now have chicks!

Straight Run, $3 each, Farm Pickup only from 17304

Note, we do not have individual breeding pens. This means that you could receive a purebred or cross of any of the breeds that we raise:

Easter & Olive Eggers

BBS Copper Marans (Black Blue Splash)

BBS Ameraucana

Blue Wheaten Marans

Lavender (self blue) Ameraucana

Deathlayer (we only have hens so any chicks will be crosses only)

Rhode Island Red (crosses only)

Our focus is on free range hardiness and raising a flock that gives us these beautiful rainbow eggs.

**Hatching eggs also available**

Please contact us at with questions or to schedule pickup.

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